torstai 1. toukokuuta 2008

ProgeClubTV - Nostalgic night

ProgeClubTV - proudly present - elävää kuvaa ja ääntä

A good vernal breese!

First I recall band named Amon Duul.
At the beginning a later version of the German band Amon Duul II. This rare clip comes from 1976.
Amon Duul II Merlin 4:13

One progressive block by Amon Duul II was Phalus Dei (parte 1, 8:13)

(parte 2, 6:42)

(parte 3, 8:22)

One immemorial Amon Duul II live (sample, 6:01) was 1971 at the Taverne de l'Olympia. John Weinzirl-guitar-voice, Chris Karrer-guitar-violin-voice, Lothar Meid-bass, Karl Hausmann-organ, Danniel Scher-percussion, and Peter Leopold-drums.

My favorire evergreen is 'Man-Erg'
Van Der Graaf Generator playing this song during their 2005 reunion tour, live at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, Sunday 13th November 2005.
VDGG Man-Erg, 9:58.

Yeah! I can feel when I was sixteen, and Man-Erg and Pawn Heerts album exploded my young head.